Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

A Duel Undone

Despite having narrowly escaped with our lives from the gut of the Breaker ship, I still maintain that we could have bested the Wielder of Lightning. If someone hadn’t lit the fuse and detonated the cannonpowder, we wouldn’t have had to needlessly abandon the battle to avoid being vaporized. The Breaker sailed on into the horizon, no doubt laughing at our cowardice while the trembled on the pier.

So what I’m trying to tell you, Niko, is that when you cross blades with a Breaker, have a plan. Have fellows that will watch your back, who will bring down the Breakers without faltering, and above all, do not start fires in the gunnery deck when justice is about to be dispensed one floor above.

And don’t trust Dravell. The man spends far too much time talking to a turkey.


Ravynn PolloParrington

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