Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

A Route at the Temple

In which the party gets its asses kicked and aquires some pets

Rasmas Tholin

Combat log, insert some futuristic date. Do they even use the same calendar?

Given a temporary reprieve from the breakers we were asked to patched up and sent to the temple to stop the ritual masters from continuing the desecration. Tannoc described them to be closer to priests which their greatest asset being their access to magical weapons and items. We chose to defend the ritual room as we were reduced in numbers as other members of our party were off helping defend other places. Taking a quick look around the stone tables were fairly empty. We flipped a few of the tables to create defensible positions and dragged a few caskets in front of the door. We saw a group of 4 wretches approaching the stairs. We decided to unbar our door and ambush them. This plan actually worked, of course it helps that they are wretches and we’re kind of awesome. The only thing of note is my new axe talked, after cutting down the first foe it cried out, and I quote “BOOM MOTHA-FUCKER”. I hugged it.

We checked the rug rolls, only to find implements of ritual, and a dead dwarf. We properly re-barricaded the door and waited when we saw another group of 6 wretches. We attempted to ambush them as they came up the stairs. Adrie started to pick them off from above with her bow while Errich threw blasts of radiant fire from the window. Finally a retch reached the door and hit the door, opening it slightly. I wasn’t too happy with this and shoved the door closed again. If they stay out there they can’t hit me. Of course the converse is true which meant I was bored. I opened the door and ran one through with my glaive.

We dragged the bodies and rugs back inside, tidying the best as we could outside. We smashed two oily jars down the stairs to create a tripping hazard. A priest and a small contingent rolled up outside, the priest stopped them short of the stairs, noticing the oil. Raising a hand the black liquid began to coalesce into a ball and moved towards our closed door. The ooze pulled into the cracks around the door, and while I can’t say for certain, I’m pretty sure it was the ooze in some strange black goo/door possession thing that caused the door to start buckling and blow open. I tried stabbing it but it appeared to have little effect and tried to hang on to my glaive. I fell back and decided this was Errich’s problem. He seemed less than impressed when I told him of this. As wretches started to make the stairs I started stabbing them, and by stabbing I mean killing, and by killing I mean doing something useful, which Errich was clearly not. He wasn’t even going for the black ball, he was just missing wildly and burning corpses!

I put down the last of the goons on the stairs and moved in to flank with Adrie, striking the priest with the butt of my glaive. A large boom and a flashing light was heard from the room above us and Errich came running out, blasting bolts of light into the priest, putting him down. Errich checked the priest from and removed the mask from him, revealing a strange humanoid face below but with a mouth that ran vertically up its face. While we were put off by this, Errich was excited by the mask and donned it. Two bolts grew from his from his forehead to hold the mask in place. Once again he seemed unphased, or even worried about this, claiming he saw things more clearly now… Although I trust him I was concerned and decided to keep an eye on him just in case. We decided to burn the rest of the bodies, Errich told us the black ball started to reanimated the corpses… maybe he wasn’t missing after all, and decided to bar up in the temple for the night and continue to hold.

We awoke in the morning with the cloaked Breaker in our midst, looking for information, and after Tannoc. She attacked and for a moment I foolishly thought I was we were doing okay, until she stepped into the shadows and dropped me. Upon coming too Errich had brokered a deal for our lives if we left the temple. We started to head back to the barracks when we rounded a corner into a pack of 6 wretches. Bob burnt them all with a burning hands. We made it to the barracks and managed to rest.
We took off later in the day towards the ship in order to suss out the option of escape if needed. We came across tracks in the forest, bisecting our path. Errich seemed convinced it was a lizard pulling a unicycle. While this image certainly appealed to me I beginning to think that he may be suffering from some sort of stress disorder from everything that has happened the last week. Ariel, pointing out the other track, suggested we follow the wagon as we weren’t in any huge rush to get anywhere.
We followed the tracks and ambushed a group of 12 wretches and two lizards. After dispatching them we found that we were lucky in not accidently lighting the cart on fire as it was filled with gun powder. Also Errich befriended one of the lizards and named it Milo. We hitched Milo to the cart and headed to the ship to load the gunpowder into the ship, which had also repaired its sails.

We headed back to the barracks where Drovell befriended a dire turkey. He named him Charles. Charles and Milo get on splendidly.


Ravynn Abalorn

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