Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

A Sentence At A Time

The blood-soaked bandages got in the way. He tried again.
“Duhn… ’et… ’rok… av…”
In the belly of the bone ship, they’d done what they could for him, but all the prayers uttered and incense burned didn’t amount to much. After the explosion at the stronghold, there were likely still pieces of his jaw and tongue scattered all across the Silt Seas. The bandages and makeshift splints held what remained together; crude and improvised, but better than a face half-fallen apart.
Waro had opted not to intercede on his behalf, even after he’d put an emerald green dragon to the sword and cut down the mechanical abomination that had threatened to annihilate his comrades. Wasn’t Aramil’s place to question why, though. He simply had to learn to deal with a new obstacle. He shifted the splint a few painful centimeters, spat out a gob of crimson and tried once more.
“Don’t… let Grok ‘ave… the helm. Steer us righ’ int’h’rocks.”
“You think I’m fool enough to do that. Damn orc’s barely got half an ounce of sense in him.” Adrie replied, passing him a fresh linen lining for the splint. He’d spent the past three days below, eventually dismissing Errich when the healing prayers failed to mend his torn visage. He only came up with a mess of syllables to start… today was the best he’d managed as far as full sentences. Every now and again, a fragment of the bullet would emerge from his cheek and chin, or in the spittle he cast into the nearby bucket. He’d be shedding shards of metal for the better part of the month at this rate. All he wanted now was to return back to Myrefall, commission a suitably closed helm to hold his broken face together, and wait for the next chance to put another Breaker in the earth.
Another gob of spittle. Another CLINK as a silvery-red bullet shard landed home.
Another day at sea, closer to home, where the work yet waits…


Ravynn PolloParrington

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