Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Adrie's Journal: 3

Tending to the Ship

I am sore and stiff. Half of me wonders if I didn’t die on that other bone ship as I wearily rise from my bed, and set to waking Greer up to make our way to the ship before dawn. I leave a short note at a side table by the main entrance before we leave the manor. Walking to the ship through barely moonlit streets, I take the time to also teach her ways to hide in the shadows, to move softly and swiftly. Why waste the walk when she could be learning other skills? It becomes frustrating for us both, a weird hide and seek, as I push her to have more patience – it isn’t learned in a morning. I suspect that with her mischievous nature, she will find a more amusing form of practicing, and we will need to work on self-defense soon if she will give in to her more mischievous nature.

We arrive at the docks as the sun is starting to rise, a little later than I had originally hoped for, but I can work with this. I start with compass directions, using the rising sun and my own mariner’s compass, to help with figuring out directions. I run through the directions quickly, twice, before questioning Greer on them over and over. We sit cross-legged on the deck as the sun rises, talking about our histories in between answering her questions about sailing, and asking her to run through the directions over and over again.


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