Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Harbek's Log: Several days off

Harbek’s Log,

Dare I start to think that things have started to settle down again in my life? Not that I would call the current situation settled in any way. At least there is some regularity returning to life. I thought I would be living out my days hidden away on a small island, not having to worry about the events from which I ran. But it seems there is no running from fate. When a God casually mentions they’ll be seeing you later, their idea of later could be several orders of magnitude greater than one would assume. Settling back down after our temporal hop, skip, and jump has been constantly interrupted by a series of adventures, but I have managed to take several days to myself recently. It has been a productive time for getting my footing in the city.

Thankfully, the still room has finally been completed, and I’ve managed to give it a few trial runs. Grok seems to be thoroughly impressed by the quality of the mead I can get out of the still, using only the few ingredients I happened to find around town. Once I find a supplier for proper brewing supplies, I’m sure I can arrange to produce sufficient quantities to have a surplus, even with Grok’s level of consumption. The Brewing Guild seemed tentatively optimistic about my brewing proficiency in Dwarven Techniques from over 500 years ago. “Family tradition,” as I said. I’m still going over all the paperwork they provided, but they are very well organised in connecting suppliers, crafters, and consumers. Not surprising, as their profits are directly proportional to their members’. I’ll have to talk to everyone at the villa and invite them to help out in the “Sea Glass Brewing Company.” I’m sure it will be a great opportunity for everyone to earn extra coin. If our servants get into it, we might be turning profit even while away on missions.

On the more leisurely side of things, I’ve found the nearest library to our villa, and picked up a number of books about time travel. They are all from the fiction section, or speak theoretically, but the authors’ ideas may still make for an interesting read. I’ve found my favorite series to be a fictional account about a time travelling bard, with a magical food cart. On a rather annoying note, these books seems to be moving about the house of their own accord.

P.S. My fellow teammates seem to have stashed some body parts in the vault. I’ll have to ask about that.


Ravynn Montego

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