Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

My faith

All my life has been in the service of Gods, prayer, healing, rituals and study, all to please the Gods. Not once have they ever answered me, not once. Now in the midst of all the chaos in this future world, Dravell not only had his first prayer answered he decided to become devout to that God, not even knowing which God it is or why he was chosen to hear it. Blast!! I cannot understand it, even now he taunts me with his flagrant disregard for the way things are done, he does not pray, he does not meditate, nor does he sacrifice body or soul to “his” God. This is the thing that angers me, the fact that while I continue down the path that the Pelor has put in front of me I am still no closer to understanding his will than when I first began my quest of 10 years ago. I suppose I’m jealous of Dravell, or maybe he does this deliberately just to anger me, who knows.


Ravynn Wesley_Degenstein

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