Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Out of Joint

As I cut the bodies down in the temple, set them alight on funeral pyres and commit their souls to Pelor, I recount the oaths of vengeance I have uttered against the Breakers that have culled the weak for countless years.
Five hundred years. More than five lifetimes. How long have they suffered in the shadow of the Breakers, herded like cattle and butchered as offerings to some darker Goddess? Where are the ordered knights to push back against the fiends?
The longer we stay here in this time, the clearer it becomes that the bravest souls were among the first to die. There is no room anymore for honor, chivalry and patience justice. There is only violent retribution, blood for blood, and we shall not rest until the temples of this abhorrent God-Queen are filled with the bodies of her followers.


Ravynn PolloParrington

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