Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Oven Dogs, Retrieval and Messes

Ruminations on the Downside of Victory

I awoke in time to see Aramil take his customary bucket of what I’m assured is mostly water before heading to the stables or kennel or whatever we’re calling the facility we now keep our more savage friends (except Grok) in. Still thrilled at the amazing victory we scored over Yorchol, garnering us our first breaker kill as the Skeleton Crew, I began my day with renewed vigor and purpose.

For all our bluster and successes here, I’ve been harbouring doubts about our ability to function as Breaker Hunters. Now I know that while we have a long way to go to join the ranks of our peers, we’ve got what it takes to stay on our path.

Invigorated with this knowledge, despite the two having escaped, I greeted Travis and Trevor and took them for their morning walk. After they nearly roasted a hobo, which I reprimanded them for with a newspaper, I apologized, gave the man a silver and my cloak and continued back towards home. It was then that it occurred to me I had an outstanding way of retrieving the body for Errich to study. I instead led Travis and Trevor towards the Dredge for a little impromptu defrosting. I stopped off on the way to purchase a pocket full of ruby shards, which I was certain I would need to keep them in line for the precision work I had in mind.

They sniffed eagerly, knowing that treats were in store, but I kept firm, taking them through a few sit, shake, jump, speak and roast training commands before giving them a small sample. We reached the massive crater that the breakers pressed into the city streets. I’ll try and remember to tell the Merchant Mage about that later if he doesn’t already know. The depression still had a thick layer of ice that was just barely starting to defrost. A group of young humanoids had taken pallets from the nearby warehousing district and were sliding down the edges of the bowl. I thought of Christmas fondly, before warding them away from the area I’d be doing my work in. I then set the hound to work boring a hole in the ice roughly where the body of our breaker foe fell. It took the better part of the day, and a proper disciplined hand between admonishing Trevor, who got more carried away, and rewarding Travis, who followed my instructions far more carefully. Eventually, they hit an understanding between the two of them and we were able to carve our way to the ground where the body should have been perfectly preserved in ice.

I shaved way the last few centimetres with my knives and was more than devastated to discover the body was not as it fell. In its place were the bones, covered in a frozen black ichor and wrapped in chains like a mummy. It was gross. Not knowing what else to make of it, I had the hounds melt a section higher up in the bowl and allowed it to settle in and refreeze with the cold in the area, marking it off so no children would fall into the pit we had made, and hopped aboard the canine back of the hound, glad to have warmth under my feet, and made all haste back to the mansion to report my findings.


Ravynn Jarrett_Viczko

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