Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Rasmas : A much needed nap

Lightening the coin purse

It’s been a busy week, joined the guard, killed a sea serpent, blew up a ship… or two, or was that last week, I’m starting to notice we have a theme when other ships are involved. They never want to just trade with us or come on over to trade stories and drink ale. Oh and we finally were initiated into the Breaker Hunters Guild. And THAT that’s what I call an initiation!

See a Silver dragon, crack a coffin of black crawling chains, break said coffin of black crawling chains, finally get our mark labeling us as part of the Breaker Hunters Guild, and then kill one of the fuckers. That’s right, kill. After tracking three of them down we finally killed one of them all on our own. Of course without a little help from our Guild Leader, and Silver Dragon, the other two most likely would have killed us, but details, details!
I’m now enjoying a much needed day off of relaxation. I’ve also realized that I’ve accumulated a fair bit of wealth over the last two weeks through our various jobs and side projects. I’ve also realized that I’m tired of taking as much of a beating as I have been recently and have decided that it’s time to spend a little bit of this on myself. I’ve commissioned myself the most splendid suit of armor from a smith. He came recommended from Elma as someone that does some of the repairs for the city guard. Also turns out it also doesn’t hurt that she has a nephew whose apprenticing there. He was a bit surprised when I told him Elma sent me and then the quality of armor I was looking for, at least until he saw the Breaker Hunter tattoo, I think he’s used to the guard walking in and looking for something a little less expensive but they only need to avoid the odd dagger from the dark, I need to avoid being torn in half by a Breaker. I gave him half upfront with the remainder on completion, I also told him that there was something a little extra for him if he could speed things up a little bit. He made no promises, gesturing to the repairs and other orders he had to fulfill, but said he would be about a week and if he finished before he’d send a boy over.

It was strange for it to be only midday so there was only one thing left to do, go back to the villa and lazily nap the rest of the day away and catch up on my city guard reading. The book of rules, regulations and laws would almost make a great barstool for Heath…


Ravynn Abalorn

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