Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Rasmas's Journal : A Rough Menu

Rasmas looked down at his notebook and started reviewing the members of the Breaker Hunter’s Crew and continued to work on his menu notes.

- Vegetarian Sandwich
- Needs to not be boring… Spicy?
- Adrie’s Sneak attack spicy Vegetarian Sandwich!

- Meat… wrapped in meat… between meat.
- Big. Really Big. Filled with meat. Nothing else.
- Grok’s double handed hoagie.

- Follows Goddess of the winds. Occasionally bitter.
- Something with pickles, asparagus spears?
- Chicken or other fowl. Duck? Duck confit sandwich.
- Would miss out on naming it Captain Camdyns’ Chicken.
- Might not be a bad thing from a health and safety standpoint. Not from a sandwich side of things, from Sorrel stabbing me for naming her sandwich that…
- Sorrel’s Super Summarian Special!… not sure if that’s better, will keep on working.

- Ham, Definitely something with ham.

- Something with mushrooms
- Panini.
- Heh, panini..
- A desert, Ice cream done with one of those liquid ice spells?
- Harbek’s interplaner beercecream!
- … I might need to reconsider the marketing.

- Something gamey, elk?
- Can it be a transformative sandwich?
- Is it a wrap? Is a sandwich? Can it be both?!
- Can the bun be made of something strange? Like seaweed?
- Sushi Sandwich?

- Diced meets. Salami? Sausage.
- Heath has layers. A burrito?
- Shaved meat! A Donair!
- The Fairbranch Donair.

- Follows two gods. Needs to be something fusion.
- Surf and Turf!
- Will be inconsistent on if more surf, or turf on any given day.
- Note to self, stop being a dick. Also might confuse customers.

- Pilots our airship.
- Something with chicken.

- Already have a vegetarian sandwich…
- Berries and cheese?
- Baked Brie and pear. Black berry compote?

- A cheese hotdog.
- But one worthy of a god.
- The Frank. No other descriptors needed

Rasmas looked up for a moment and pondered, was he missing anybody? He turned to Talsinew and read him the list of names he had written down. “Am I missing anybody?” Without hesitation Talsinew listed back, “Dravell, Aramil, Ravathana, and the Orphans.” “Thanks!”

- Was misplaced long ago, and kind of a cheat.
- A menu item that is up there but we always tell the customer we’re out of! Can become long running joke for regulars.
- Can we serve alcohol under Aramil’s Holy water?
- Okay, Waro, lightening, blackened? Blackened.. fish?
- I don’t have a lamb dish yet… maybe lamb?
- Sea, land, and sky meat! Aramil’s Holy Trinity!

- … Wait who?
- That Tali, always pulling my leg.

- Order as just ‘an Orphan’
- Is it what ever we feel like?
- Goat. It’s a goat sandwich.

Rasmas gave his list one last once over. It was a good starting point. He was determined to get it perfect for when he opened his shop. He didn’t think about the future often, not because he didn’t think he had one, but it seemed so far away… But he had to keep having faith that one day, he’d have his shop, line ups around the street, and feeding orphans out the back.


Ravynn Abalorn

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