Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

Research Log #2

Date- unknown
Time – midnight
The group is restless, I can’t say that I blame them, it could be the fact that I put on a mysterious mask without any concern for my own safety or theirs for that matter and now have two screws in my head. Although I care little for what my appearance is I do not wish for my companions to fear me.

I have been praying to Pelor for the last several hours, I know he will not answer but any sign would help discern our fate, I’m so tired. It is said that men are the plague on the earth, after what I have seen though I can say with some certainty that the Gods may be the problem.

This mask fascinates me, every time I put it on I feel the world come into focus, as if I see it for the first time with clarity and the knowledge of all things. Of course that can’t be the case, but the feeling remains. I believe further study is needed, the damage to my face is already done, but I fear if I continue wearing the mask it will take me and never let go…

These breakers we have encountered are more powerful than any creature I have come across in my life, their magic and will are staggering. At the temple I was forced to retreat to save two of my companions, I was so close to having answers to the text I received from the God hand. I pray I will be this strong in the future, for I do not know what I am capable of when faced with answers to my ever growing questions.


Ravynn Wesley_Degenstein

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