Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

The Great Silver Beast

The Great Silver Beast
I have seen a sight that few men alive have seen, the blackness of the shadow, the wings of the devil, and he is powerful, so powerful that all is frozen in their tracks at the mire sight of him. The most fascinating thing I have every seen; the master of our guild in his prime, his glory, his majesty. I know little of silver dragons but what I do know is that to anger a dragon let alone disturb them from slumber brings only destruction and death.

We have faced three breakers this day and killed one for sure, the other two I cannot say what happened but what I saw was magic, pure delight as the silver dragon unleashed his frozen breath upon the world devouring the land. However when the frost cleared there was no sign of the other two breakers, perhaps they retreated into the shadow of their cloaks as they tend to do.

On a side note I retrieved a rather exceptional piece from an orb found in the sewers, I have yet to figure out what this piece does but trust that my curiosity will lead me to the answer I seek.


Ravynn Wesley_Degenstein

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