Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King

The Merchants Mage's Task

In which the party tracks down another bone ship and promptly blow it up

A new day, a new city, and a new residence. This whole Silver dragon thing is pretty awesome. I headed to market with Bob to reforge my Dwarven axe into the more familiar form of a glaive. Bob took us into a large bank and went to go talk to the hobgoblin behind the desk. After a short exchange he came back, informing us we needed to wait for a little bit. I was asked to corroborate that Bob was indeed Robert Roberson the 15th. I knew that he was Robert Robertson though he had never told me he was the 15th! He must come from a weird family… I told them that to the best of my knowledge he was. Bob had never given me any reason to not believe him before. The hobgoblin grabbed another piece of paper and informed Bob that due to storage fees he owed them a small fuck tonne of gold. Bob took the contract and we left. We rendezvoused with the rest of the party at the hall of the Merchant Mage. We were heralded into a long 300’ hall, passing another group of mercenaries garbed all in black chainmail. An ogre was the only character of note. We would later learn they were called the Ebon Skulls.

Seated on a large marble throne was the Merchant mage, garbed in scarlet and brass armor, a glistening sword behind him attached to the throne. We spun him our tale of how we came to be here, the loss of our home, and our curious route of travels. He requested us to join him for a meal. He charged us to find a Breaker that he suspected was within the city. Other than that it was really a lot of banter that was rather boring to be honest. We were told that one of the Breakers likes lightning and the other has the stench of disease and decay. He stared off at the wall, as if far away, and then dismissed us.
We went to the bar, following Adrie, who disappeared at some point in the evening after Bob, or now Dan, couldn’t hold his liquor and ended up rolling around on the floor yelling someone take me. I grabbed another pint and enjoyed the show. We decided to head back to the Villa when we saw an urchin cleaning up a circle with a rose in it, he said it was the rumored to be a sign of the Gathers of the Black Sign. The dwarf wizard helped clean it up, and we headed back to the villa. Dan, still drunk, needed the paladin and I started sploshing him by his ankles, when he started throwing random spells around. I pushed him back into the well, when he deafened himself. I hulled him out, having enough of it hit him with the but of my spear to help him to sleep. I threw him into the stables with Charles and we all turned in.

The next morning we set out for the Dredge, armed with the knowledge that they had vampires amongst themselves. We received some information from the Merchant Mage, via Heath, that the Revenants were not where we should be looking and that our time would be better spent investigating the Gatheres of the Black Sign. He also gave us a loop hole in the Mage’s request not to spill any Noble blood in our pursuits. Undead don’t bleed.

We found a street with these symbols of theirs, zig zagging down the street. Grok and I ran down to one end of the street while everyone trekked off to the common house at the other. We didn’t find much and returned to the to the common house. The Paladin requested we break down the door. I took right, Grok too left, and by took I mean I missed the door… Grok turned the other one into toothpicks, I post humorously knocked the other door down. We saw about 40 beds, all occupied with people who would not wake up. Grok and I started moving them out after Aramel detected an evil presence from below. We started moving down the staircase to under the common room. We burst into the room to find 8 robbed figures, circled around a Giant skeletal demon. God damn it, we’re getting boned again… We started rushing in, attempting to take down cultists, sadly not before one of them summoned another demon. I started kiting one of them around while Grok, now enlarged by Dan started mulching cultists. Jesus their tail swipe hurts… We managed to put them down after much hurt. During a quick catching of breath Adrie showed us a map she had procured minutes before we charged the common house revealing the locations of all current sigils. They either radiated from the market district, or the docks. We decided to check the docks, making the assumption that the market district was under the watchful eye of the Merchant Mage.

We found tracks leading from the pier, but no ship was seen. I noticed that something wasn’t quite right at the pier, the ocean was swirling weirdly. Aramel threw a javelin into the air when we heard a resounding thunk, and a bone ship materialized from thin air. We moved onto the deck when Grok smashed down the cabin door. It smashed back, exploding into his face instead of inward like we expected. The inside had a desk with maps, we almost took them when Errich pointed out glowing ruins, barely visible and flitting inches above the desk. We attempted to pick the small armory in the cabin, while we didn’t trigger any wards, we were unable to open it. Half of the party looked below the deck while I stayed above to watch Errich and Aramei who were rooting through the cabin. I received a message from Dan, informing us upstairs that there are a cubic fuck tonne of wretches below the deck. I wrangled Aramei into coming to the cannon deck with me to find some gun powder to blow this thing up.

I heard a scream from below deck. Cursing I started rotating a cannon towards the staircase I knew my comrades would be coming from. Lighting ripped through the ship, some sixth sense made me jump upon the cannon and it flitted around me harmlessly. Once everyone was past the cannon I fired at the stairs, tearing them (and our hearing) asunder. I received a message from Aramei that the anchor was raising and started gesturing wildly to jump out the cannon windows. I grabbed the top of the cannon window and slung myself out the window and onto the dock. I ran over to the Wizard, who was holding our downed druid. Uncorking my healing potion I poured it down her throat while dragging them both as I go. A resounding crack-BOOM blew across the harbour as the ship lit up across the night sky. The ship, now engulfed in flames, listed off towards the mouth of the harbour, and vanished under the cover of an illusion. We limped our way back to the Villa to lick our wounds and report to the Merchant Mage


Ravynn Abalorn

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