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A hundred thousand years of civilization have rampaged the world, multi-verses and time itself have been ravaged by the relentless era of eternal warfare. Far to the North, the Barbarian Thaumatergists have unleashed monstrous abominations of magic and flesh, to the South, mutations spawn, evolve and devolve unchecked, In the East the Rend consumes entire oceans, and to the West, the Elves of the Illorii have shuttered the Barrier of the World.

Humankind, and the beleaguered races of the Once-Free are beset on all sides. Magic has become fouled, beasts and demons run unchecked, and Pantheons of Gods quarrel amongst themselves and fall silent.

Beneath a dust speckled sky, the stars are going out and all that is known is becoming lost.

There is no hope.

The Players

The World


The Gods and Goddesses

The Magic


The History


The Ship – The Breakers Bane

Naumkeag – The Myrefall Estate

The Market

Alchemy – Brewing potions, poisons and other Alchemical Regants


The Story


The System and House Rules

Main Page

Rynyalla, In The House of The Jade King Ravynn Abalorn