Myrefall is the major trading hub of the Eastern world.


The only particular notable trading hub in the East through which goods flow back to the Free-States. Myrefall is a golden jewel of a city nestled at the foot of the Spine, half on land and half spreading out over the Arenchanas Ocean . It is governed by The Merchant Mage, a godking who presides over his domain through the use of magical surveillance.

Situated at the center of a massive sprawling brass island, monolithic stone causeways extend outwards from its hub-like center to the surrounding islands to form the spokes of a huge wheel. Myrefall is home to almost a million souls.

The different districts are communities unto themselves, distinctive and characterized often by function.

The Docks are the Easternmost Portion of the hub, a sprawling mess of warehouses, ships, cranes and goods, the Docks are one of the keys of trade for the entire Eastern civilized world. There are twelve major piers, the first two are exclusive for the use of the Merchant Mage and his Army.

The Estates in the North are a towering series of buildings which are layered upon each other like a cake. The lowest buildings are residences for servants of the highest ones, noble estates, mansions and villas are found throughout the area. A tremendous market occupies the Broadway of the Estates, taverna, fine dining, and traveling shows are frequently found here.

The Glitter is the name given by the Merchant Mage for his expansive gardens and opulent palace. Dozens of commerce buildings and guildhalls are located here, center of business for the entire region. The Glitter is filled with counting houses, eatery, and massive financial buildings tabulating records going back centuries. Also in the area are dozens of military buildings for the Merchant Mage’s private army.

The Dredge is the name for the southern half of the Myrefall. Home of workers and labourers, the Dredge is primarily a slum. Refuse of the world gather here to hawk their wares, everything can be bought and sold, and the communities operate in shadowy dealings. Cultists ply their tales, recruiting the unwary and thieves and cutthroats are at home here. Self respecting members rarely venture into the Dredge, but all things mysterious and strange can be found here.

Through much of the Myrefall, armored cityguards keep the peace. Head to toe clad in resplendent brass armor and scarlet accents. Myrefall guards carry longbows as ranged weapons, and tri-sectioned eskrima sticks that are magically bound as martial weapons. Often guards travel in small packs that include a mage of some kind as well.

More fascinatingly to visitors, are the Pyre-eyes. Magical lamps which adorn city intersections, Pyre-eyes provide magical light, but also serve as a kind of omnipotent surveillance eye for the Merchant Mage. Though many are in disuse throughout the Dredge, in the better-kept areas of town, magical surveillance is in full effect, leaving a slightly oppressed feel to the jubilation of the city.

Merchant Mage


House Shadesteel

Brigitte McRedshirt – Captain of the Guard
Sly – Master of Whispers
Bronwell – Master of Coin
Soots – House Brewmaster

House Cymrite

Lord Greystone
Younglord Morris
Captain Fairun

The City Guard

Dave McRedshirt

Order of the Grain and Fist

Smugglers and Slavers

Cassiel – Leader. Deceased.
Ariss – Daughter of Cassiel, an equally competent assassin.

The Diamond Conglomerate

Darius, Smuggler

The Exiled (Githyanki Faction)

Tameck – The Outrider Mage
Vanowen – The Exile Princess
Sario – The Rookmaster

The Glaistmauls

A Gith noble house, traders, and provide many services to outsiders in Myrefall. Well respected. Have come to a neutral understanding with Shenzi and the Hunters.

The Amberwoods

An iron-elf noble house.

The Ebonskulls

A mercenary group of some renown. They are one of few mercenary groups to have the right to act with impunity inside of Myrefall. Supposedly they pay an exorbitant sum of money to the Merchant Mage for that right.


The Rusted Flagon


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