System Rules

This is a “High Magic” setting. Magic is common, plentiful and in easy supply. Divination, small cantrips and mage hand are nothing miraculous, and most people see simple magic before they are adolescents. That said, destructive magic, necromancy and evocation are highly frowned upon. In major cities, one can expect that the use of a Fireball or Lighting Bolt will land a person very very swiftly in jail.

Combat initiative tweaks. Combat uses a few minor turning adjustments to initiative. Placement on the list falls by a d20 check plus Dex Mod. During Combat, players may opt to Stay their action and convert it to a reaction, which is a pre-ordained set of requirements in order for them to complete their action (I wait until that specific enemy closes to 5 ft attack it). Doing a converted reaction keeps their place in the initiative order. If a player opts to stay both action and movement (DELAY) until later, their initiative is set at the new point where they delayed to for the rest of combat.

Spellcasting tweaks. Players may cast other non-concentration spells while holding one concentration spell active. Doing so will put them at disadvantage to make concentration checks against not dropping the spell for the rest of the turn, (the price they pay for having expended such magical energy).

Players receive only ONE reaction per initiative cycle, this is to prevent immediate and unlimited response-actions.

Free Actions. Players receive technically ‘unlimited’ free actions, such as talking, and looking around. Constant abuse of these, or utilizing more than two sentences for talking may be done at their own peril however.

The DM will roll passive perception where necessary, often without telling the players. If players WANT to search around, they should inform the DM of such. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that the DM has updated numbers for passive perception.

Cover Rules. 1/2 cover grants advantage to ranged attacks, 3/4 cover grants advantage to ranged and melee attacks.

Card System. Metagaming, and playing out of character is the root of all evils. The DM has a deck of cards, when infractions happen, cards will be drawn and each one corresponds to something that will make the player’s life harder. Don’t metagame, or play something wildly out of character. Metagaming is using outside information that you as a player know, that your character will not. (Examples include thinking you know how many hitpoints a bugbear has, trust me you don’t, and I am changing all those numbers anyhow.)

Don’t question the DM at the table. You can raise salient points about dispute, but if he makes a ruling, just go with it. It’s probably for a story reason that will become clear in time anyway. It’s not worth your time, nor the other people at the table for an argument. Also we’re all here to have a game and play, not be lawyers. Take your lawyering out and go be a lawyer. You’ll make more money that way.

Player Removal. Players will be removed from the game if they have difficulty separating the game, which is a fantasy, from reality, which is not a fantasy. Nothing is personal, The DM is intentionally trying to always cause internal conflict, Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because a character hates your character, that a player hates you too. No exceptions.

System Rules

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